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New and Emerging Deep Tech Companies

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

New and Emerging Deep Tech Companies

In recent years, the technology industry has witnessed a remarkable surge in the development of deep tech companies. These companies, driven by cutting-edge technologies and scientific breakthroughs, are revolutionizing various sectors, from healthcare to transportation. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of emerging deep tech companies, exploring their impact, current trends, and potential future implications.

  • Cerebras Systems

  • Target customers: Data scientists, researchers, and engineers

  • Products: Wafer-scale engine (WSE) chips, which are the largest and most powerful chips ever built

  • Impact: WSE chips are used to accelerate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) workloads, which can help businesses to make better decisions, improve their products, and automate their processes

  • Stats: Cerebras Systems has raised over $1 billion in funding, and its WSE chips are used by companies such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon

  • Element AI

  • Target customers: Businesses in the healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing industries

  • Products: AI-powered products and services, such as fraud detection, predictive maintenance, and customer service chatbots

  • Impact: Element AI's products and services have helped businesses to save millions of dollars and improve their bottom line

  • Stats: Element AI has raised over $200 million in funding, and its products and services are used by companies such as Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, and Siemens

  • Nauto

  • Target customers: Fleet managers and insurance companies

  • Products: AI-powered driver safety platform that helps to prevent accidents

  • Impact: Nauto's platform has helped to prevent over 100,000 accidents, and it has saved businesses millions of dollars in insurance premiums

  • Stats: Nauto has raised over $150 million in funding, and its platform is used by over 1 million drivers

  • Sarcos Robotics

  • Target customers: Industrial and military customers

  • Products: Exoskeletons that help workers to lift heavy objects and perform dangerous tasks

  • Impact: Sarcos Robotics' exoskeletons have helped to reduce injuries and improve productivity in industrial settings

  • Stats: Sarcos Robotics has raised over $100 million in funding, and its exoskeletons are used by companies such as Amazon, Ford, and the US Army

More emerging companies

Blue Vision Labs:

Blue Vision Labs is revolutionizing augmented reality (AR) through its advanced computer vision and machine learning technologies. By creating highly accurate and robust AR maps, Blue Vision Labs enables precise object recognition and tracking in real-world environments. This technology has applications in gaming, navigation, and industrial sectors, offering immersive experiences and enhancing productivity. As AR gains prominence, Blue Vision Labs' innovations are poised to reshape how we interact with the world around us.

Fetch Robotics:

Fetch Robotics specializes in autonomous mobile robots designed to collaborate with humans in warehouse and logistics environments. Their robots can navigate complex environments, pick and place objects, and optimize workflows, thus increasing efficiency and reducing costs. With the rising demand for automation in e-commerce and supply chain industries, Fetch Robotics' solutions are enabling businesses to streamline operations and meet customer expectations with speed and precision.

Aleph Farms:

Aleph Farms is a pioneer in the field of cultivated meat production, using a combination of tissue engineering and bioprinting techniques. By growing real meat from animal cells, Aleph Farms aims to provide a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional animal agriculture. Their innovative approach has the potential to address the environmental impact and ethical concerns associated with conventional meat production, paving the way for a more sustainable food system.

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