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Welcome to Conqudel

Your leading IT service provider in Singapore. Singapore is a thriving hub for software companies. Explore our cutting-edge Software Development, meticulous Software Testing & Automation, and streamlined DevOps services that drive your business towards success. Accredited testing services in Singapore to meet international standards. Singapore is home to over 300 software companies, making it a major hub for the tech industry in Southeast Asia.

Partner with us in embracing technology excellence and achieving your goals with our top-tier solutions

Our Services

Software Testing & Automation Services

Software Testing and automation

Conqudel's expert team provides top-notch software testing services in Singapore. With a keen focus on quality assurance, assurance quality, and product testing, we assist Tech Startups & SMEs in navigating the intricate landscape of software development.

Software Development Services

DevOps & SaaS Services

DevOps and SaaS Services
Software Development Services

we champion a holistic and collaborative approach to successful software development. Our methodology ensures seamless communication, efficient project management, and the delivery of superior solutions.

Our DevOps services bridge the development-operation gap, fostering collaborative, automated, and continually improving environments. We empower your business to deliver flawless software rapidly, enhance agility, and elevate customer satisfaction. 

why conqudel

Why Conqudel

Industry Experts

Our experienced leadership team, well-versed in IT services Singapore and Tech solutions Singapore, boasts a wealth of knowledge across various domains, methodologies, techniques, and tools required to solve complex problems and provide cutting-edge solutions to customers. 

Cloud First & Automation Approach

Embracing a cloud-first mindset, we place automation at the forefront of our software testing endeavors. Our expertise extends to utilizing cloud computing services to their fullest potential, leveraging their scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. This approach enhances test coverage, expedites feedback cycles, and yields precise results, reinforcing our dedication to Software development company and Web development Singapore standards. 

Maximise ROI

We are committed to achieving the highest return on investment from Quality Assurance (QA) by harnessing the power of Automation, Prioritization, and Agile testing methodologies. We meticulously track metrics and ensure alignment with both end-users' needs and company objectives, optimizing QA processes to deliver unparalleled results. 

Flexible Services

Our suite of services, ranging from Cloud migration services to Managed IT services, is designed with adaptability in mind. We understand the dynamic nature of modern businesses and offer solutions that can be tailored to accommodate evolving organizational needs. Our approach is driven by customer preferences and is finely tuned to provide optimal outcomes.

business model

Business Model

Managed Services

Empowering Your Business Through Expert Managed Services


Flexible and cost effective services for Tech startups

Time & Material

Crafting customised Solutions. Your Vision, Our Time & Material Mastery

Some of our Clients in Singapore

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