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About Us

Ship Faster Quality Software Products

Conqudel is a software companies in Singapore specialised in Software Development, QA, Automation, DevOps and SaaS services. We are a team of experienced and highly talented and passionate professionals. We use our expertise to help small to medium businesses who want to achieve better quality products, through Agile Development, Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).

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Our Story

In the dynamic realm of IT managed services, Conqudel emerges as a towering symbol of innovation and dependability. Embedded within the seamless solutions and unparalleled service is the captivating saga of its founding members - trailblazers who metamorphosed a vision into reality.


With the Singaporean market as their canvas and a dearth of specialized skillsets as their challenge, the inception of Conqudel came as an answer to an acute need. The founders recognized a void in the IT landscape and seized the opportunity to pioneer change.


Together, these three pioneers embarked on a shared odyssey to reshape the contours of IT managed services. Their diverse proficiencies, shared vision, and relentless dedication have woven Conqudel into a revered partner for enterprises in pursuit of unparalleled IT solutions. As Conqudel continues its journey of ascension, the indomitable spirit of its founders lives on through the pillars of innovation, client-centricity, and technical prowess - eternally ingrained in the company's very essence.

Our Manifesto

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Managed Services over Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a lose-lose solution because team members, products and processes keep changing which affects deliverables, quality and timeline. With Managed Services, the Team is responsible for the quality, adapts to changes, adds value and maximises ROI for customers


Customer success over processes and plans

We focus on what customer wants or product needs rather than following a set of standards. We come up with creative solutions to solve customers' problems and requirements.


Quality over Quantity

most service companies focus on numbers rather than results. We deliver value to our customers from day one. We define metrics to keep track of the progress and quality to provide better visibility.

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Talent over expertise

We hire people with passion, attitude, team spirit, and interpersonal skills to solve customer problems.

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