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Software testing services ensure the quality and reliability of software applications.Security testing is a type of software testing that evaluates the security of a system or application. We take a holistic approach to security testing, providing tailored solutions that fit your unique needs. Our detailed reports offer actionable insights, enabling you to enhance your system's defense against evolving cyber threats. With our expert team and state-of-the-art tools, we're committed to keeping your digital assets safeguarded. Partner with us today for proactive security testing that empowers your software's resilience. 

Our Security Services

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What is Vulnerability Assessment?

Vulnerability assessment (VA) is a detection technique which helps in identifying security threats and weaknesses in computer systems, hardware, software, and network infrastructure. Once the vulnerability assessment is done and threats have been identified, our engineers help in analysing the risks by setting proper priority and help our customers with remediating the identified vulnerabilities.

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Why you need VAPT?

Regardless of the size of the firm, vulnerabilities exist at all levels in the system. SMEs typically have lax security, which attracts cyber bullies. It's crucial to evaluate your organisation's cyber security on a regular basis due to the constantly evolving tools used by hackers to access networks and critical assets. VAPT assists in securing your organisation by making vulnerabilities visible and offering advice on how to fix them. VAPT is becoming more crucial for organisations seeking to comply with standards.

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Comprehensive Pen Test Coverage

Cybersecurity is an aspect of your software development phase that cannot be overlooked. With our VAPT services, you can rest assured that your software is free from security vulnerabilities and strong enough to endure cyber attacks. We perform an in-depth security analysis of your applications and network and ensure that the VAPT results strengthens your security posture. Our seasoned security testers are equipped with cutting-edge penetration testing tools, offering an in-depth analysis of your software's vulnerabilities. From automated scans to manual tests, our penetration testing toolkit ensures no weak spot goes unnoticed. 
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Web Application

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Network Infrastructure

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Our Security Team Credentials

Non-functional Testing

which includes Performance and Security Testing

Non-functional Testing

which includes Performance and Security Testing

Non-functional Testing

which includes Performance and Security Testing

Non-functional Testing

which includes Performance and Security Testing

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